Vice President Boxley Paving, LLCQuality Control Manager
Work Phone: 434-239-0383
Categories: President
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Secretary Superior Paving Corp.Executive Vice President
Work Phone: 703-631-0004
Categories: vice-president
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Treasurer Chemung Contracting Corp.Vice President
Work Phone: 540-829-7203
Categories: secretary
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Colony Construction, Inc.President
Work Phone: 804-598-1400
Categories: treasurer
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Ex-Officio Branscome, Inc.Vice President & Regional Mgr
Work Phone: 757-229-2504
Categories: ex-officio
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President Virginia Paving CompanyDistrict Manager – Virginia
Work Phone: 540-720-7550 Cell Phone: 704-791-5862
Categories: ex-officio
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W-L Construction & Paving, Inc.Vice President & General Mgr
Work Phone: 276-646-3804
Categories: Director 4
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Virginia Paving CompanyBranch Manager
Work Phone: 703-751-7100
Categories: Director 8
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Independence Construction Materials
Work Phone: 804-290-8500
Categories: Director 5
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Exec. Vice President B & S Construction, Inc.
Work Phone: 540-886-8886
Categories: Director 2
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Superior Paving Corp.General Manager
Work Phone: 703-631-0004
Categories: Director 3
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S. L. Williamson Co., Inc.President
Work Phone: 434-295-6137
Categories: Director 1
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Curtis Contracting, Inc.President
Work Phone: 804-843-4633
Categories: Director 7
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Lee Hy Paving Corp.Exec. Vice President
Work Phone: 804-364-3015
Categories: Director 9
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Vice President
Work Phone: 703.335.1000
Categories: Directors
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