Asphalt Roads & Materials Co., Inc.
Work Phone: (757) 497-3591 Work Fax: (757) 552-0324
Work 4901 Cleveland St. Ste. 2 Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Fred A. Haycox, III, President
W. Tucker Beaman, Vice President-Controller
Lonnie Minson, Vice President-Operations
Mary McCaffrey, Secretary/Treasurer
Asphalt Paving and General Highway Construction
Plant: Virginia Beach

B & S Contracting, Inc.
Work Phone: 540-886-8886 Work Fax: 540-886-2566
Work 189 Luck Stone Rd. Staunton, VA 24401 Website: http://www.bandscontracting.com

Marlin P. Hewitt, President & CHB
Christopher C. Stiltner, Exec. Vice President
Leslie S. Hewitt, Vice President
C. Alan Cramer, Secretary
Sheila S. Cramer, Treasurer

Safety Director: Richard H. Beard

Plant Superintendent:
Scott G Decker – Augusta – 540-886-8886
Staunton – 540-885-0070

Asphalt Grading and Highway Construction
Plants: Augusta County and Staunton County

Blair Asphalt, LLC. - a div. of Blair Bros., Inc.
Work Phone: (757) 538-1696 Work Fax: (757) 538-0714
Work 1 Blair Bros. Rd P. O. Box 5413 Suffolk, VA 23435 Website: http://www.blairbros.com

Thomas W. Blair, President
Richard W. Blair, CFO
Aaron K. Ketchum, Executive Vice President
Nora Johnson, Vice President
William P. Blair, Chairman
Sarah W. Blair, Secretary/Treasurer
Chris Jenkins, Plant Superintendent

Plant: Suffolk (Driver Station)

Asphalt Manufacturing & Paving, Site Work, Grading, Drainage, Aggregate Sales

Boxley Asphalt, LLC
Work Phone: (540) 777-7600 Work Fax: (540) 777-2064
Work Home Office: P.O. Box 13527 Roanoke, VA 24035-3527 Website: http://www.boxley.com

Abney S. Boxley, III, CEO
Thomas T. Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer
John A. Rourke, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer
J. E. Burton, IV/Stan Puckett, President
Charles Craddock, Operations Manager – Lynchburg
Frank Caldwell, Operations Manager – Salem
Ken W. Arthur, Quality Control/Plant Operations Manager
Edward O. Blount, Jr., Estimator- Lynchburg
Frank Saul, Estimator – Salem
James Breakell, Director Pavement Maintenance Services
Josh Dean, Safety/Training/Slurry Operations Manager

3535 John Capron Road, Lynchburg, VA
739 Warrick Barn Road, Arrington, Va.
Telephone: (434) 239-0383

2101 Salem Industrial Drive, Salem, VA
Telephone: (540) 389-2768

Asphalt Paving Contractor, Slurry Seal Paving, Highway Construction, Residential Driveway Paving, Warm Mix Manufacturer, Curb & Guttering

Branscome Paving Company
Work Phone: (703) 335-1000 Work Fax: (703) 335-1657
Work 7812 Bethlehem Road Manassas, VA 20109 Website: http://www.branscomepaving.com/

Julius Branscome, President
David J. Branscome, Vice President
James S. McCanless, Operations Manager
David E. Harrah, Chief Estimator
Asphalt Paving and Highway Construction
Plant: Manassas, VA

Branscome, Inc. (Corporate Office)
Website: http://www.branscome.com

Stuart Patterson, President
Dewey Hurley, Vice President Business Development

Asphalt Manufacturing, Asphalt Paving, Aggregate Sales, Site Work
Grading, Drainage

Branscome, Inc. (Hampton Roads)
Work Phone: (757) 229-2504 Work Fax: (757) 220-0390
Work 432 McLaws Circle Williamsburg, VA 23185

Kevin Jones, Vice President & Regional Manager
Parker Mills, Operations Manager
Bill Maxwell, Asphalt Sales
Walter Deal, Materials Manager
Plants: Lee Hall (Williamsburg), Hampton, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Norfolk

Branscome-Eastern Shore
Work Phone: (757) 787-4801 Work Fax: (757) 787-8149
Work P. O. Box 316 21266 Fairgrounds Rd Tasley, VA 23441

Doug Matthews, Area Manager
Wes Parks, Estimator

Nassawadox, VA , Pocomoke, MD

Work Phone: (804) 749-3266 Work Fax: (804) 749-3640
Work P.O. Box 70 Rockville, VA 23146

Brent Moore, General Manager
Mike Colbert, Operations Manager
Johnny Glazebrook, Marketing Manager

Chesterfield, Rockville, Doswell, Deepwater

Chemung Contracting Corp.
Work Phone: (540) 829-7203 Work Fax: (540) 829-5593
Work P.O. Box 12 Mitchells, VA 22729

Ed Dalrymple, Jr., Vice President
David Bradeson, P.E., Project Manager
Rob Lanham, Sales Manager

Asphalt Manufacturing and Paving, Heavy/Highway Construction Including Site Work

Gainesville, VA
Telephone: (703) 753-7832

Mitchells, VA
Telephone: (540) 829-5695

Colony Construction, Inc.
Work Phone: (804) 598-1400 Work Fax: (804) 598-1700
Work 2333 Anderson Hwy Powhatan, VA 23139 Website: http://www.colonypaving.com

Scott Claud, President
Harry King, Jr., Vice President
Cathy Claud, Secretary-Treasurer

Blake Rogers, Director of Operations
Jimmy Coffman, Vice President of Asphalt Plant Operations
Mike Bell, General Superintendent

Powhatan, VA
Management: Cody Swann, Plant Manager
Telephone: (804) 897-7373, FAX: (804) 897-7375

Burkeville, VA
Management: Jason Shumaker, Plant Manager
Telephone: (434) 767-9930, FAX: (434) 767-9935

Asphalt Manufacturing, Asphalt Paving and Highway Construction

Curtis Contracting, Inc.
Work Phone: (804) 843 4633 Work Fax: (804) 843 2545
Work P. O. Box 769 West Point, VA. 23181 Website: http://www.curtiscontracting.net

Andrew R. Curtis, Jr., President
E-Mail: a.curtis@curtiscontracting.net
Stephen L. Ordung, Operations Manager
E-Mail: s.ordung@curtiscontracting.net
Raymond E. Jarvis, Jr., CPA, Controller
E-Mail: r.jarvis@curtiscontracting.net

Plant:  Southampton, VA

Design-Build Construction and General Contracting for Building, Highway and Infrastructure Improvements for Federal, State and Local Jurisdictions

Francis O. Day Co., Inc.
Work Phone: (301) 652-2400 Work Fax: (301) 424-3697
Work 850 E. Gude Dr. Suite A Rockville, MD 20850

Francis O. (Mike) Day, III, President
Dennis Favero, General Manager

Grading, Paving, Bridges, Complete Site Development, Heavy Highway

Rockville, MD
Telephone: (301) 424-4024, FAX: (301) 424-4951

Forestville, MD
Telephone: (301) 350-6100, FAX: (301) 499-4120

Buckeystown, MD
Telephone: (301) 831-8094, FAX: (301) 831-8096

Waldorf, MD
Telephone: (301) 843-0600, FAX: (301) 843-9811

Loudoun Co.Asphalt/Div. F. O. Day
42050 Cochran Mill Road,Leesburg, VA 20175
Telephone: (703) 737-7300, FAX: (703) 737-7316
E-Mail: dennisf@foday.com
Dennis Favero, Manager

Independence Construction Materials
Work 2115 Ashland Road Rockville, VA 23146 Website: http://www.independenceconstructionmaterials.com

Mark Carroll, Vice President/General Manager – ICM
Curtis Hall, General Manager- ICM Asphalt
Rob Schwear, General Manager, VA Asphalt
Mike Purkey, Sales Representative, VA Asphalt
Sean Fidler, Quality Control Manager, VA Asphalt

Powhatan Asphalt
1920 Anderson Highway
Powhatan, VA 23139
Tower Phone: (804) 378-7811

Rockville Asphalt
2115 Ashland Road
Rockville, VA 23146
Tower Phone: (804) 749-3101

Curtis E. Hall, General Manager-Asphalt
Independence Construction Materials
Office: (610) 560-7913
FAX: (610) 222-3314
Mobile: (610) 587-2543
E-Mail: curtis.hall@icmatls.com

Lee Hy Paving Corporation
Work Phone: (804) 364-3015 Work Fax: (804) 364-3073
Work P. O. Box 5036 Glen Allen, VA 23058-5036

2100 Quarry Hill Rd, Rockville, VA 23146

Gordon F. Penick, III, Vice Chairman/CEO
Joseph B. Penick, President
C. R. Langhorne, III, Exec. Vice President
Harold (Monty) Gatewood, Vice President
Fred M. Luck, Vice President
Claude Daniel, Vice President
Stanley B. Snellings, Jr., Vice President/ Sec.
Cindy Hill, Treasurer
Tom Anderson, Commercial Sales

Asphalt Paving

Plants: Warsaw, Rockville, New Kent, Chester

Maymead Materials, Inc.
Work Phone: (423) 727-2000 Work Fax: (423) 727-2025
Work P. O. Box 911 Mountain City, TN 37683-0911 Website: http://www.maymead.com

W. B. Roark, President
Thomas G. Purpur, Vice President
May M. Roark, Secretary/Treasurer
Sean Mackey, VA Division Manager
Donald Greer, N.C. Division Manager
Jim Young, Foothills Divison Manager

Asphalt Paving, Surface Treatment, Grading and Aggregate Production

Mountain City, TN, Pineola, NC, Morganton, NC, Marion, NC, Boone, NC, Hickory, NC, Statesville, NC, Jefferson, NC,

Lenoir, NC

Moffett Paving And Excavating Corp.
Work Phone: (540) 886-7239 Work Fax: (540) 885-7317
Work P. O. Box 2685 Staunton, VA 24402

Julian Q. Moffett, C.E.O.
Julian Q. Moffett, Jr., President
Ellen L. Moffett, Secretary

Asphalt Paving, Excavating and ‘Site Concrete’
Plant: Staunton, 310 New Hope Road, Staunton, VA

National Asphalt Mfg. Corp
Work Phone: (703) 273-2536 Work Fax: (703) 352-1386
Work P. O. Box 327 Merrifield,, VA 22116 Website: http://www.nationalasphalt.net

Tim Boone, President
Bobby Surface, Vice President

Hot/Warm Mix Manufacturer

Plant: Fairfax – 3400 Old Picket Rd., Fairfax, Va. 22031


Rogers Group, Inc.
Work Phone: Virginia Main Office - (276) 794-9009 Work Fax: (276) 794-9088
Work 601 Maryville Pike Knoxville, TN 37920

Dave Rechter, Vice President
E-mail:  dave.rechter@rogersgroupinc.com

John Payne, Virginia Division General Manager

Josh DePriest, Eastern Division Controller, CPA
E-mail: josh.depriest@rogersgroupinc.com

Jeremy Dickson, Division Quality Control Manager

Plants:  Russell County, VA & Tazewell County, VA

Road Contractors and Manufacturers of Crushed Stone, Asphalt.
“100 Years of Integrity, Excellence and Placing the Highest Value on People.”




S. L. Williamson Co., Inc.
Work Phone: (434) 295-6137 Work Fax: (434) 977-7852
Work P. O. Box 648 Charlottesville, VA 22902 Work 1230 River Rd. Charlottesville, VA 22901 Website: http://www.slwilliamson.com


S. L. Williamson, Jr., Chairman/CEO

Blair K. Williamson, President
E-Mail: blair@slwilliamson.com
Shawn L. Mooney, Jr., Exec.Vice Pres.
E-Mail: shawn@slwilliamson.com
Larry (Junior) Eppard, Jr., Vice President
E-Mail: junior@slwilliamson.com

Asphalt Paving and Highway Construction

Deming Massie, Plant Superintendent
E-Mail: deming@slwilliamson.cm

Shadwell, Red Hill and Ruckersville

Producer of Aquaphalt-http://www.aquaphalt.com

Southern West Virginia Paving, Inc.
Work Phone: (304) 425-1245 Work Fax: (304) 487-6647
Work P. O. Box 5328 Princeton, VA 24701

Andrew Bragg, V.P. & General Manager
Chris Hollifield, Estimator

Asphalt Paving

Plants: Ingleside, WV; Alta, WV and Mill Point, WV

Superior Paving Corp.
Work Phone: (703) 631-0004 Work Fax: (703) 257-1725
Work P. O. Box 900 Gainesville, VA 20156-0900 Website: http://www.superiorpaving.net

Frank Surface, CEO/Chairman
Ronald M. White, Chairman Emeritus
James Mitchell, President
David G. Helmick, Executive Vice President
David White, Vice President
Bobby J. Surface, Founder
Barton S. Mitchell, Founder
Asphalt Paving Contractor

Centreville, Leesburg, Warrenton, Bealeton, Culpeper, Fredericksburg, City of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Manassas

Virginia Paving Company
Work Phone: (703) 230-0850 Work Fax: (703) 230-0851
Work 14500 Avion Parkway Ste. 200 Chantilly, VA 20151 Website: http://www.virginiapaving.com

Division of The Lane Construction Corporation

Mike Cuilik, District Manager – NOVA
E-Mail: mccuilik@laneconstruct.com

Dennis O’Connor, District Manager – Virginia
E-Mail: dboconnor@laneconstruct.com

Mark Schiller, Senior Vice President-Lane Plants
E-Mail: maschiller@laneconstruct.com

Loudoun and Chantilly Operations
Robert L. McKeever,  Manager
P.O. Box 1235, Sterling, VA 20167
Telephone: (703) 471-8787, FAX: (703) 834-3023
E-Mail: rlmckeever@laneconstruct.com

Alexandria and Occoquan Operations
David Horton,  Manager
5601 Courtney Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304
Telephone: (703) 751-7100, FAX: (703) 751-4249
E-Mail: dmhorton@laneconstruct.com

Stafford and Fredericksburg Operations
Josh Mattera, Manager
1190 Ramoth Church Rd., Stafford, VA 22406
Telephone: (540) 752-5519, FAX: (540) 752-5633
E-Mail: jamattera@laneconstruct.com

Hampton Roads Operations
Ron Burton, Senior Manager
3431 Trant Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23502
Telephone: (757) 340-1161, FAX: (757) 340-4582
E-Mail: rburton@laneconstruct.com

Asphalt Paving, Milling Grading and Highway Construction

Plants: Alexandria, Occoquan, Chantilly, Sterling, Fredericksburg, Garrisonville, Norfolk

W-L Construction & Paving, Inc.
Work Phone: (276) 646-3804 Work Fax: (276) 646-3141
Work P. O. Drawer 927 Hwy. 107 Chilhowie, VA 24319

Jerry L. Short,Vice President /General Manager
Kenneth Taylor, Vice President/Special Projects
Chad Barr, Controller

Types of Work:
Excavation, Hot Mixed Asphalt Paving, Grading, Water & Sewer Utilities, Storm Utilities, Crushing, etc.

Chilhowie (Main Office):

Plants: Abingdon, Glade Spring, Castlewood, Norton, Woodway, Raven, Bluefield, Wytheville, Vansant, Kingsport, TN

Quarries: Glade Spring, Mouth of Wilson, Castlewood, Dickensonville

Greg Musick, Vice President/ Estimating
Tanner Taylor, Estimator
Jess Norman, Estimator/General Superintendent
Cedric Short, Estimator/Project Manager
Robert Green, Estimator
Aaron Taylor, Permits, Storm Water and DEQ
Josh Horne, Quarry Manager– (276) 762-5563
Jim White, Sales Quarries – (276) 762-5563

Winchester Branch:

Plants: Clearbrook, Strasburg

Chris Frey, Vice President Area Manager – (540) 662-4008
Jason Rutherford, Estimator

West Virginia Paving, Inc.
Work Phone: (304) 768-9733 Work Fax: (304) 768-9351
Work P. O. Box 544 2950 Charles Ave. Dunbar, WV 25064

Bob Brookover, President
Andrew Bragg, Vice President

Asphalt Paving and Highway Construction

Plants: Alta, WV; Ingleside, WV; Millpoint, WV