The Virginia Asphalt Association has three levels of membership ranging from contractor to affiliate.  The member level is determined based on the services each company offers.

A description of each membership level is provided.  To join the VAA, please download the application.


The Contractor membership level is reserved for those companies that produce asphalt concrete at a central plant or at a mobile plant.  The asphalt concrete may be produced using conventional processes where the virgin materials and recycled materials are heated and mixed or cold processes such as cold in place recycling and cold plant recycling.  Contractor members are voting members of the VAA and comprise the VAA Board of Directors.


The Associate Contractor membership level is for those companies that are active on project sites.  The following categories are Associate Contractors.

  • FDR
  • Milling Contractors
  • Slurry Seal
  • Surface Treatment
  • Placement Contractors
  • Pavement Marking Contractors
  • Specialty Contractors


Affiliate membership has the following categories that cover other aspects of the asphalt industry ranging from asphalt suppliers to consultants.  The categories are:

  • Asphalt Suppliers
  • Specialty Binders and Emulsion Suppliers
  • Aggregate Suppliers
  • Binder Emulsion Haulers
  • Mix Additives and Paving Materials
  • Pavement Patching Materials
  • Energy Haulers & Suppliers
  • Equipment Companies
  • Crushing & Grinding
  • Sand Suppliers
  • Testing Equipment Suppliers
  • Pavement and Material Testing Firms
  • Bonding, Finance, Insurance and Legal
  • Architects, Engineers, and Consultants
  • Pavement Marking Materials, Additives & Suppliers
  • Traffic Control Providers & Supplies