Below is a list of questions that come up most frequently from current or potential students.

Course Registration Questions

Question: Where can I find the course listings?

Answer: The courses can be found on the Germanna website at  Then go to Workforce Services → Courses and Registration → Transportation & Motorcycle → Asphalt Classroom OR Asphalt Online


Link to Online CoursesLInk to Classroom Courses


Question:  Does each student have to register separately

Answer: Whether the student is registering themselves or a company administrator is handling this step, students must be registered one at a time so that payment for that individual can be recorded and a student profile can be created, thus giving the student a unique identifier code which links him or her to the proper account in Germanna’s system (See below for more information on registering a student and creating the required student profile).

Question: It looks like each employee will need to register online, choose the course and then make payment. Is there an easy way for me to pay for the course with a credit card after the student has signed up for the course?

Answer: GCC staff can create a company profile to be stored in our Workforce database for easy class purchase.  Company staff (Owner, Admin Assistant etc.) or employee can then create a student profile which requires name, date of birth, address, phone number and working email address.  The company then signs on using the company password and username to complete purchase.

Company to enroll the student: 

  1. Contact Germanna Workforce Staff at (540) 891-3012 to have company account created.
  2. A password and username for the company will be issued.
  3. Create a student profile (see below)
  4. After student profile has been created, company signs on using the company password and username.
  5. Search for class then Add to Cart.  The system will then ask for the employee name, enter all or part of the student name or just hit Search for a list of employee names.
  6. Choose register then proceed to checkout.
  7. Use a valid credit card for payment.

To create a student profile:

  1. Go to and choose Workforce Services (near the top center on the black line).
  2. From the drop down menu choose Courses and Registration then choose Login/Create Account to create the student profile.
  3. Fill out the first page (the VCCS SIS ID is not required).
  4. On the second page choose the company name from the drop down menu then continue to the third page and complete the information and submit.

**For additional help on how a company representative can enroll a student for VECAT classes or to create a student profile for the student, please see the Company Registration Tutorial Links below**

General Course Questions

Question:  If I can’t make the class, can I send someone in my place?

Answer: An alternate student cannot be sent to class without prior communication to Germanna.  In order for any student to attend class, they must have a student account and individual ID set up PRIOR to class day. If a student shows up to class without this information completed, it is Germanna’s decision as to whether that student can stay to attend class. Regardless, he or she will not be able to complete the exam at the conclusion of the class due to no account in the system.

Question: I don’t have a computer at home.  Are there other ways that I can access the courses and supplemental material for my classes?

Answer: If you don’t have a computer in your home and also do not have access to one at your place of employment, you can access your Blackboard account from any location that has internet access.  Most people in this position use the computers available at their county library or other public facilities in their area.  With some prior planning, arrangements can be made to use a computer at a local community college.

Question: Is there a way to review course materials outside of Blackboard if I want to watch the videos again in my free time.

Answer: Courses are also available on YouTube under the search topic VECAT if you want to watch the videos from class outside of Blackboard.  You may use a smartphone or other type of technology to view this way; however, course credit cannot be obtained from watching the courses on YouTube.  You MUST complete the courses in Blackboard if you want course credit and plan to complete the exam for certification purposes.

Question:  Do I have to register prior to class or can I register when I come to the first day?

Answer: Yes. A student must be registered and have a student profile already created in Germanna’s system to be allowed to sit through class. 

Question: Are the VECAT Material Certification classes instructor led or online?

Answer: Both, with the exception of Mix Design which is only available as a classroom course.

  • The online classes are self-paced and offered year round.
  • We will also be offering instructor led classes Jan, Feb, Mar of 2017 which will be hybrid consisting of online and classroom. The exam will be taken at the conclusion of class.

Campus Locations:

Germanna Community CollegeMain Campus (Fredericksburg Campus)
Workforce Development Center
10000 Germanna Point Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
(540) 891-3000

Germanna Community College – Daniel Technology Center (Culpeper)
18121 Technology Drive
Culpeper, VA 22701
(540) 891-3000

Paul D. Camp Community College – Franklin Campus – Workforce Development Center
100 North College Drive
Franklin, VA 23851

Virginia Western Community College – Greenfield Education & Training Center
57 S. Center Drive
Daleville, VA 24083-3026

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
3500 Transportation Research Dr
Blacksburg, VA 24061 (Mix Design Class Only)

Question: What are class costs?

Answer: These costs were developed by VDOT, Germanna, and VAA.

            • Asphalt Field I – $350
            • Asphalt Field II – $350
            • Asphalt Plant I – $350
            • Asphalt Plant II – $350
            • Slurry Surfacing – $275
            • Surface Treatment – $275
            • Mix Design – $650

Question: How long does it take to complete an online class?

Answer: The online class is structured around the physical class timeframe to include actual video footage of the instructors. Some students have completed it in less time.

General Timeframe

            • Asphalt Field I – 14 Hours
            • Asphalt Field II – 14 Hours,
            • Asphalt Plant I – 14 Hours
            • Asphalt Plant II – 14 Hours
            • Slurry Surfacing – 7 Hours
            • Surface Treatment – 7 Hours

Question: How can I tell if a course I want to take has seats available or is already full?

Answer: You can determine if a desired class has seats available by locating the course on the Germanna website and looking for either the Add to Cart or Filled indicators on the course page.  If the course still has seats available, it will display “Add to Cart” and you can proceed with the registration process.


Question: When is the last day to enroll for online classes?

Answer: The last day to access this year’s classes is December 1st 2017.  Consider enrolling a week prior to give the employee time to complete the class and have the exam scheduled.  Testing Centers close mid-month for the holidays, allowing only the first two weeks of December for testing.

Question: What time do classes start and end?


Asphalt Field I Day 1 8:00am to 5:00pm
Day 2  8:00am to Noon
Asphalt Field II Day 1 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Day 2 8:00am to 4:00pm
 Asphalt Plant I Day 1  8:00am to 5:00pm
Day 2 8:00am to Noon
Asphalt Plant II Day 1  1:00pm to 5:00pm
Day 2 8:00am to 5:00pm
Slurry Surface 8:00am to 4:30pm
Surface Treatment 8:00am to 4:00pm
Mix Design Day 1 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Day 2 8:00am to 5:00pm
Day 3 8:00am to 5:00pm
Day 4 8:00am to 5:00pm
Day 5 8:00am to 1:00pm

Question: Is a hard copy manual/study guide provided for the Online/Instructor VECAT Material Certification classes?

Answer: The online class manual is online, broken down by chapter within the course and available for download or printing. A hard copy will be available for the instructor led classes.

Question: Is there any course material (extra costs) not provided through the online Blackboard module?

Answer: There are no extra costs.

Question: What courses still have proficiency exams as well as the certification exam?

Answer: Asphalt Plant I, Asphalt Plant II, Mix Design.  For the 2017 class year, VDOT will maintain responsibility for scheduling and conducting all proficiency exams.

Question: What courses still have proficiency exams as well as the certification exam?

Answer: Asphalt Plant I, Asphalt Plant II, Mix Design

Question: Are there any prerequisite requirements to take a course and/or exam, i.e. Nuclear Gauge Safety Certification?

Answer: Asphalt Field Level II requires passing the Level I Exam with a 70 or higher

Asphalt Plant Level II requires passing the Level I Exam with a 70 or higher.

Mix Design requires a full Asphalt Plant II certification (having passed the certification exam & proficiency exam) with at least on years’ experience.

Exam Questions

Question: I have completed my class online and now I have to take the exam.  Do I have to take it at Germanna or can I take it closer to where I work/live

Answer: You make take the final exam at any one of Virginia’s 23 community college locations after first scheduling with Dave Laraway, VECAT Program Coordinator.  Click here to find the Virginia Community College that is nearest to you.

Question: Is there a charge for the exam?

Answer: The exam is covered by the registration fee for the course.

Question: What is the exam schedule? (Example: M-F, 8am-4pm or is a time assigned?)

Answer: It depends on the testing center of choice.  Some require an appointment while others allow walk-ins during normal testing hours.  However, both require prior setup.

Question: What happens if a student fails an exam?


            • Failure to pass an online course exam: The student must attend a classroom course and pay the course fee again.
            • Failure to pass a classroom course exam: The student is allowed one additional attempt

Question: Do I have to take the course to take the exam?

Answer: Yes.  An exam cannot be completed without first completing the course.  You can select whether you take the course online or in the classroom.

Question: What tools am I allowed to bring in to the exam with me?

Answer: You must bring a calculator with you to the exam.  Cell phones are under no circumstances allowed into the exam room.  This must be left in your vehicle or a personal bag/backpack in the classroom.

Recertification Questions

Question: Have the VECAT Material Recertification requirements changed and what are they?

Answer: The recertification requirements have not changed.  The technician must complete an online certification module for each expiring certification in VDOT’s Virtual Campus (VDOT University) and successfully complete any proficiency requirement in the same year the certification is due to expire.  It is free of charge and the certification will automatically update and post to the student’s transcript.

WCG Classes

Question: What classes are available under the grant?

Answer:    Asphalt Field Level I and Asphalt Plant Level I

Question: How does the grant work?

Answer: All paperwork necessary to apply for grant funds is provided online when an individual registers for a WCG-Applicable class.  At the time of registration for an asphalt grant funded class, the student will pay $117 and sign a promissory note claiming responsibility and owing the second $117 if the grant funded class is not successfully completed.  Upon successful completion of the grant funded class, the grant will cover the second $117 releasing the student’s obligation.